“One reason you call MS Dhoni a great captain is because of this,” Agarkar candidly stated regarding the reason AI cannot assume the captaincy.

The contemporary world has been undergoing rapid change due to the recent prominence of data science and artificial intelligence, both of which have emerged as significant developments.

Additionally, cricket teams significantly depend on data analysts to strategize and devise the most effective approach towards the opposition and individual players. Technological progress has additionally enhanced the caliber of the dafa sports. Nevertheless, human intuition remains the most significant factor, so one did not solely depend on data science to achieve the intended result.

While discussing the emergence of data science and AI, BCCI chief selector Ajit Agarkar emphasized why data alone is insufficient to verify the credentials of athletes.

“How tremendously much exists is astounding.” Undoubtedly, it is possible to strategize and delve deeply. To clarify, it is frequently employed. On iplwin, Agarkar stated, “I mean, once more, with regard to selection, it is still advisable to observe the player.”

Due to the significant role that human instinct plays in the game, the seasoned cricketer emphasized that a human leader is always required and not an AI equivalent.

“My opinion is that you still require an individual to operate the performance. Simply put, you require the guidance of a commander because on any given day, circumstances may deviate from your initial plans. “That’s where human instinct comes into play,” he continued.

Agarkar further emphasized his point of view by citing the legendary India captain MS Dhoni and stating how crucial it is for a captain to guide his team to victory through the use of his intuition and ability to direct the action in the middle.

“Because dafabet had a feel for the game, he was regarded as an exceptional captain.” He was aware of the situation and the way in which the game was evolving. The same applies to international commerce. Your understanding of the game is impeccable. You have an instinct that, oh, you know, a particular batsman may be attempting to do something different at this juncture of the game when he normally does x or y; therefore, what should I do? Therefore, someone must be present.

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