– Black Friday is one of the discount periods that many people around the world look forward to every year, but in Indonesia it still sounds strange. Even though this momentum can be used for something productive. Black Friday, which always falls close to Thanksgiving, always offers big promotions. This discount program, which started in the city of Philadelphia, has gradually spread to many countries, including recently to Indonesia. However, this one-day discount program is also associated with consumerism.

According to trusted sources, a global forex broker which has provided online trading services since 2011 and has been certified in Indonesia, said that people can actually be productive in making money during the Black Friday momentum. On the other hand, trading activities are currently becoming a new hobby for the majority of Indonesian people, including the younger generation, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Indonesia. Data from the Indonesian Central Securities Depository (KSEI) notes that the Indonesian capital market is now controlled by young investors under 40 years old with a share of 81.02 percent. Based on data in 2020 alone, young investors aged 18-25 years increased by 280,569 people. You can get more information for the “black friday” market at any place at

Seeing the high enthusiasm of the Indonesian market in investing and in conjunction with the momentum of Black Friday, a trusted source, which in recent years has developed very rapidly, including in the Indonesian market and has a very good reputation in the financial market, provides tips so that consumers do not only take advantage of Black promos. Friday, but you can even make money on that day.

Taking advantage of shortages in the job market

While people are busy shopping, there are actually many companies that are actively looking for new workers. Even though the pandemic is still ongoing, the Indonesian economy can be said to be gradually improving and various job vacancies can be seen everywhere. Black Friday can also be used to find a new job rather than just taking advantage of existing promotions.

Invest in the stock market

Consumers must understand that this market is always fluctuating or changing all the time. In the momentum of Black Friday, there could be many companies whose investment products are in high demand and have the potential to bring profits. In this way, the stock market situation on that day can be monitored so that it is not impossible to buy shares in a company at that moment.

Doing foreign exchange trading

The public needs to determine how to get promotions that are useful and profitable so that they don’t experience losses. Before making a decision, it is recommended that consumers carefully review all the terms of the promo offered and research the track record of the trading company first. When carrying out trading activities, it is also recommended to carefully examine the currency equivalents that are currently popular on the market. This applies not only to conventional currencies, but also to cryptocurrencies.

Take advantage of circulating retail prices

The more carefully consumers examine an offer, the greater the chance of getting the offer at the best price. Regarding investment, retail prices on the market usually increase after promotional seasons, including after Black Friday.

“A business plan through regular observation can bring profits. Prospective consumers can weigh purchases before the big day to get the best price and then resell with the best profit,” said Kar Yong Ang, a financial analyst who was awarded The Top Forex Analyst in Asia from WikiFX.

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